Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Crafty Gardeners

What a gorgeous May Day this is.  Sun is shining.  My irises are blooming.  Ready to plant tomatoes and dahlias.

I'll post occasionally but most of the time I am at my other site Home Garden Diggers .  Hope you will visit me there.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Container Planting The Easy Way

I just saw the coolest video for doing container planting that was really easy.  Ian from Your Garden Show had some really easy tips for potting up some plants in a larger container:

He basically says to:

.  Take a large pot and fill partially with potting soil and compost.
.  Have several plants that you want to move into the large pot
.  Figure out placement of these in the larger pot.
.  Submurge each of the plants in water for several minutes until air bubbles have left and root ball is hydrated and remove them from their own pots and set aside.
.  Insert each of the now empty pots into the larger pot so that the tops are all even and the position where the soil level should be is level in all of them.
.  Fill up the empty spaces between the pots and tamp down so that soil levels out.  Keep adding soil until it reaches the proper soil level.
.  Now remove each pot from the larger pot.  A nice planting hole will be created.
.  Place the plant that was in that pot in the empty hole and go on to the next pot.  Do this for each plant one at a time until all of them are in the new pot.
.  Top off with soil until soil level is even, but not mounded.
.  Water in.  It's that easy.

The one thing Ian doesn't tell us is to scuff the root ball if the plant is root bound.  I think I would do this anyway.  But I really found this an easy way to plant up a container without a lot of fuss.  I'm going to try this the next time I plant up a container.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So Many Crafts, So Little Time

The summer gets me out into the garden to tend it and make my home pretty.  So, every day, I do a little in the garden, weeding, deadheading, pruning, fertilizing, planning new beds.  And so it goes through the summer. 

In direct competition are my crafting interests.  The most recent of those is quilting.  I have two quilts for twins that have been in progress since spring, and I am finally just about finished with the backs of those.  Add on top of that, other crafts that I love, like soap making and others.  I am a busy girl.  Of course, I'm not too busy to sit on my back deck with an iced tea and read a book. 

And speaking of books, I'm ready for the movie version of one of my recent books....We are waiting with baited breath to join the Battle of Hogwarts and the finale to the Harry Potter movies this weekend.  Will that take away from my gardening or crafting time?...Probably, but that is what is so much fun about doing what I want to do with my time.

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